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So what is flowscreed?

Simply put, Flowscreed is the process whereby a cement based liquid floor compound is pumped into a prepared floor area and allowed to settle and harden. It’s a replacement for pouring thicker concrete or barrowing in sand and cement and tamping it down.

The main advantages are that its fast, the risk of barrow damage is eliminated, its less labour intensive making it cost effective, its the only way to properly embed underfloor heating and it leaves little mess (which we clean up anyway)

We will prepare the floor to be covered, making sure its proofed and shuttering off any areas that are to remain free of screed. We will organise the transport and safe arrival of your screed and check that its properly mixed before we start (we need to check its consistency to make sure it flows properly). We then use our own pumps and hoses to deliver it to just where it’s needed, distributing it as necessary to ensure a perfect finish. We will then tidy up and remove all trace of us and our equipment – your floor can be walked on in 24 hours and is ready to bear weight in around 48 hours.


Professional flowscreed by Lincolnshire’s best.. we both like tea, white with 2 sugars by the way!



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